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Chiropractor or Facilitator?

Every time someone gets up off the adjusting table, I hear things like “You fixed me!”, “You healed me!”, “You’re a miracle worker!”, and my personal favorite “You’re a magician!”

But, none of that is true. Yes, I am a licensed chiropractor, but the truth of it is I’m just a facilitator.

Each of us has an innate intelligence inside of us that ossifies our bones as we grow up, shuts our eyes when we sneeze so our eyeballs don’t go popping out of our head, and keeps our eyes level with the horizon even when our posture resembles a walker from The Walking Dead. It also regulates our heartbeat, our pulse, our digestion, and EVERYTHING ELSE in the human body, including the nervous system.

Innate intelligence is the most advanced operating program anyone could ever encounter. MacOS, Windows, and Linux are all child’s play in comparison.

When there is a misalignment of C1 or C2 (called a vertebral subluxation), that creates a blockage to the brain-to-body & body-to-brain communication. Just about every nerve in our body passes through the C1 as the spinal cord. With a C1 subluxation, there will be pressure on at least one nerve, and we will feel it somewhere at some point. It could be now or later, but we will feel it eventually.

And this is why chiropractors are facilitators more than healers or magicians. I have the knowledge and skill to remove a subluxation, and as a result level out the leg lengths and rebalance one’s posture.

Essentially, I am just providing an adjustment. Whoever it is I am providing an adjustment for, it is their body that accepts the adjustment, and their innate intelligence that distributes the necessary healing to the necessary region.

So when someone tells me I’m a lifesaver or a magician, I will say thank you, but just know that is YOU and YOUR BODY who is the real lifesaver and magician.

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