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Here is what patients of Harshē Chiropractic have to say about Dr. Harshe!

“When I walked into his office I was using a walker to walk and I believed in my heart that I was burdened with using a walker for the rest of my life. Dr. Harshe told me that he would get me walking without a walker and he did! I am now walking on my own without a walker or a cane. I did not think that would ever be possible again, I am too young to be tied down to a walker I am only 47. I am forever in your debt, Dr. Harshe. Thank you Dr. Harshe for freeing me from the walker and giving me the gift of walking on my own again. I highly recommend Dr. Harshe, he is excellent at what he does, and if he can cure me he can cure you.”

– Starla W.

“Dr. Harshe is nothing short of amazing. He’s professional and kind, and most important…he’s gentle. His adjustments are painless and provide so much relief! We are so lucky to have him here in Maricopa!”

– Darci R.

“He gave my husband some major relief, after many years of being in pain and discomfort. Was beyond professional and caring. Would recommend to everyone.”

– Brittney H.

“My husband and I recently stared seeing Dr. Harshe and are extremely happy. He is professional, thorough, and friendly. We are going for overall health….nothing specific. We would highly recommend!”

– Suzy R.

“After an adjustment I walk out feeling four inches taller and ten pounds lighter! Honestly! Thank you so much, Dr. Brandon Harshe.”

– Karen B.

“I 10/10 recommend Dr. Harshe, after my first visit he has helped me tremendously get back to feeling 100%. I cannot thank him enough!”

– Nicole B.

“Dr. Harshe is the first chiropractor I’ve ever seen, and I cannot even begin to explain the difference he has made in my aches and pains!!!! Highly HIGHLY recommend!!!!!!! I always walk out feeling like a million bucks!”

– Rachel L.

“I am so happy Dr. Harshe has opened up here in Maricopa! I was previously driving to Gilbert for necessary chiropractic treatments to keep migraines at bay. This was time consuming and painful. No more agony! I now have an exceptional provider with techniques that work! C-1 health is very important, and I am beyond thrilled to have this care local and affordable! Thanks Doc!”

– Deb H.

“I have been to a lot of chiropractors, but Dr. Harshe is the BEST one. His visits are very affordable and definitely worth it to go to. I used to always have back and neck pain, but with his help my back and neck pain has dropped by a lot. Definitely recommended!!!”

– Elahe Y.

“Dr. Harshe is great! I suffered a bad wreck on a horse a few years ago that left me with pretty bad shoulder pain. I had X-rays done, had seen other chiropractors but that shoulder pain never subsided. Working on horses, lifting bags of feed and working around the property was all really difficult on that shoulder. I’ve only been seeing Dr. Harshe for a few weeks now and my shoulder pain is gone. I’m also a migraine sufferer but those have faded as well and an added bonus is I’m sleeping better. All in all I’m really thankful he was suggested to me.”

– Haley B.

“Definitely recommend. My posture is better, I sleep better, overall I just feel better thanks to Dr. Harshe.”

– Shane B.

“Great chiropractic care! Very thorough. Focuses on aligning the whole body not just where your aches and pains are like some other chiropractors do. I always walk out feeling a foot taller. Very affordable.”

– Tanya C.

“Please Listen to my story ! It’s long but it’s true and you might be in the same “position” as me. I have seen many Chiropractors for regular adjustments because plain and simply: Your Spine Supports Your Life. Whatever you do, remember that. Now in my late forties, I still visited various Chiropractors for routine adjustments but was lead to believe that as I age, my mobility will deteriorate. I started to notice that I couldn’t bend down to pet my dog/cat, put on my socks very easily, my husband helped me up from chairs. And one chiropractor would tell me it was due to becoming diabetic, another would say arthritic, and one chiropractor come up with the idea that I had Lymes disease and that was the cause of my stiffness. But each of them telling me that this is just what happens as we age. So why can my older neighbors still play tennis where I cannot. I decided to find a “professional” and drove out of town to a Chandler Chiropractor who placed me in a room to go over payment options to allow me to live my life again. Using my own words against me to say that Equal Monthly Payments of almost three hundred dollars a month is nothing compared to the freedom of playing tennis or petting my animals again. I figured, if it took me an hour to drive to Chandler to this professional, I may as well save the gas money and go through the motions here in town. One local chiropractor had me lay on his cracked old table and asked me to “relax” while his toddler ran around the office as he pleases playing with his toys. How is that relaxing? So I tried a different local chiropractor with whom I hardly ever saw his face because he’s in and out of the room. Not to mention that doctor came up with their own crazy diagnosis that they believe requires extensive surgery, and told me that adjustments will not help me at all.

So by the time I tried Dr. Harshe, I sincerely gave up hope. I remember reading the standard paperwork thinking, “yeah, yeah, whatever, blah blah blah”. I can’t tell you how or what he did, but I kid you not, on the very first visit he moved something in my back that no one else even knew needed moving. The second visit, I was able to walk without limping. And by the third visit, he has moved more than just my spine. I had forgotten that I was physically unable to do so much. I forgot that I couldn’t even get groceries from my car or even get in and out of my car without stopping to stabilize myself. I had forgotten all that because I was doing it like normal again. Dr. Harshe moved ME!”

– Donni B.

“I am so grateful for Dr. Harshe! I have not been able to sit or stand up without horrible tailbone pain for almost 2 years. Once I became pregnant with my 3rd child in my 2nd trimester my tailbone was constantly hurting, even just driving, sitting, or standing from a seated position made me feel like I was 80+ years old. I dealt with the pain up until recently when I went to my family NP who sent me in for X-rays only to tell me nothing was broken and to go to a pain management doctor or physical therapy. I left very frustrated and decided to try out a chiropractor for the first time. I was so nervous that I was gonna die or something crazy but I left that day not in pain and being able to drive to work without cringing every 2 min in pain. I definitely recommend him! Thank you!”

– Sandra P.

“I have been to many chiropractors over the years – Dr. Harshe is professional, knows his stuff, and he’s very affordable. He doesn’t do expensive care plans or sell anything, thank goodness! I always feel clear headed and less achy after an adjustment.”

– W.F.

“Dr. Harshe has helped in so many ways. He has helped me sleep better, feel less pain throughout my day, and has improved my mental health through his approach. I would definitely recommend Dr. Harshe to anyone looking for excellent chiropractic care!”

– Christin S.

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