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Here is what patients of Harshē Chiropractic have to say about Dr. Harshe!

“After an adjustment I walk out feeling four inches taller and ten pounds lighter! Honestly! Thank you so much, Dr. Brandon Harshe.”

– Karen B.

“I 10/10 recommend Dr. Harshe, after my first visit he has helped me tremendously get back to feeling 100%. I cannot thank him enough!”

– Nicole B.

“Dr. Harshe is the first chiropractor I’ve ever seen, and I cannot even begin to explain the difference he has made in my aches and pains!!!! Highly HIGHLY recommend!!!!!!! I always walk out feeling like a million bucks!”

– Rachel L.

“I have been to a lot of chiropractors, but Dr. Harshe is the BEST one. His visits are very affordable and definitely worth it to go to. I used to always have back and neck pain, but with his help my back and neck pain has dropped by a lot. Definitely recommended!!!”

– Elahe Y.

“Dr. Harshe is great! I suffered a bad wreck on a horse a few years ago that left me with pretty bad shoulder pain. I had X-rays done, had seen other chiropractors but that shoulder pain never subsided. Working on horses, lifting bags of feed and working around the property was all really difficult on that shoulder. I’ve only been seeing Dr. Harshe for a few weeks now and my shoulder pain is gone. I’m also a migraine sufferer but those have faded as well and an added bonus is I’m sleeping better. All in all I’m really thankful he was suggested to me.”

– Haley B.

“Definitely recommend. My posture is better, I sleep better, overall I just feel better thanks to Dr. Harshe.”

– Shane B.

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