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Dr. Gonstead Said it Best!

Want to know what kind of chiropractor I am? Want to know how I practice chiropractic? Want to know what kind of chiropractor I had already decided I wanted to be before I ever got into chiropractic school? The answer to all those questions is…

The kind of chiropractor Dr. Gonstead described above.

THIS is the chiropractor I am, this is the chiropractor I always wanted to be, and this is the chiropractor I always will be.

Nothing more, nothing less.

No ART, no kinesiotaping, no active rehab, no passive rehab, no physiotherapies, no Activator, no stretches, and no selling of supplements for me. Absolutely NOTHING WRONG with any of those aforementioned things whatsoever; they help a lot of people (many of those things have helped me, and still do), and anything that helps people is truly admirable.

However, when I tried my hardest to want to do any of those things in practice, back when I was in school, I. Just. Wasn’t. Interested. I tried so hard to like them that it stressed me out and I actually quit chiropractic school.

I came to my senses and went back a year later, and ultimately graduated, but the idea that I needed to be a Jack-of-all-trades chiropractor (the way the schools WRONGLY teach, and the way the CCE and NBCE require all the schools to teach) made me MISERABLE.

So, in a day where specializing is common, maybe even the norm in many, many cases, I chose to specialize in… yes, chiropractic. It’s what has improved my health, it’s what got my beautiful wife, January, through six LONG pregnancies and births, it’s what always excited me and got me out of bed in the morning, and it’s how I love to help other people the most.

Thanks for helping me clear that up, Dr. Gonstead!

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