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Sublata Causa Tollitur Effectus

You may be wondering what in the world this Latin phrase means. In short, it means “The effect will leave when the cause is removed.” In essence, this could be the motto of chiropractic.

In medicine, however, the effect is looked at as the cause. When people get a migraine headache, they are given drugs to reduce the pain, or symptoms, of the migraine headache. It would seem that a cause for this problem is a lack of drugs in the bloodstream.

The Cause of All Dis-ease

Dis-ease is much different than disease. By dis-ease, we mean a lack of ease, not a full blown disease like cancer. In this case the nervous system is not easily coordinating its communication with the rest of the body.

Why? Because of the vertebral subluxation.

The vertebral subluxation, or subluxation for short, is a shift in one of the vertebrae that consists of four components: misalignment, narrowing of spinal canal, pressure or tension on the spinal cord and/or brain stem area, and interference to the transmission of mental impulses from the nervous system to the body.

Because of these four components, the subluxation occurs in the upper cervical spine, at atlas (C1) or axis (C2), where all four of these components can exist at once. Because of the characteristics of the subluxation, it can pose serious implications for one’s health if left unattended for a long period of time. And considering the birth process itself is a traumatic event for a newborn baby, a subluxation from birth left alone for a lifetime will only decrease the quality of life.

The subluxation will impose a blockage to the essential communication needed between the brain and the body. With this communication interrupted by a subluxation, health problems like high blood pressure, decreased organ function, and migraine headaches will arise. This is not an if, but a when.

The goal of chiropractic is to ensure the nervous system is functioning as it should, properly communicating to the body and vice versa. A careful chiropractic analysis and specific adjustment to the upper cervical spine will enable the spine to exist subluxation-free, thereby allowing one to experience a life free of the incoordination between brain and body.

Sounds great to me!

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