The Cramped, Twisted Truth About Traveling

Traveling is brutal on the human body, but especially the spine.

Traveling involves a lot of sitting, whether you are driving a long distance, flying, or taking a train.

Sitting naturally puts your body into flexion i.e. bent knees, bent hips, slouching low back, hunching shoulders, and a lot of forward head posture.

In this day and age of desk jobs and the advent of texting and social media, humans have never sat or looked down to stare at a little hand held screen for hours at a time as much as we do now.

That’s why getting up to stretch feels so good.

Standing and stretching puts your body into extension i.e. straight knees, straight hips, reaching your hands above your heads, extending your low back and head backward, etc.

We don’t get enough extension in our lives, and as humans, we were meant to.

Remaining in a cramped, seated position for hours on end in the car, or aboard a flight or train (or sitting at a desk job for 40-50 hours a week, but that’s another subject) will do a number on the alignment of your spine.

So, if you are going away on a trip for any length of time, you will most definitely need chiropractic care when you get back.

It’s not a maybe or even a probably.

It’s a definitely.

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