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Movement is Life

Take one look at the recovery process for people undergoing hip or knee replacement surgery. Doctors and nurses have joint replacement patients up and walking the very next day after their surgery!

So what’s the best kind of movement to do?

Well, it could be anything. Anything that increases your vitality, your heart rate, your mood, etc.

Walking, pilates, yoga, jogging, HIIT, crossfit, bodybuilding, powerlifting, shooting hoops in the driveway, playing catch at the park with the kids, swimming, playing tag with the kids, walking the dog, Zumba, drumming, and silly dancing for a boomerang video in the backyard are places to start if you have no idea where to begin with movement and exercise.

Despite what diet culture and fitness culture say, you don’t need to sign a multiyear gym membership contract with a credit or debit card on file to get the blood flowing. If you WANT to, that’s different.

But try thinking outside of the box with fitness in 2020. You never know what kind of fun you’ll have!

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