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The Drill Instructor Named “Pain”

Pain is always honest, and brutally so. It demands attention, and if you don’t give it the attention it’s asking for, it will scream louder. And louder! AND LOUDER UNTIL YOU LISTEN!!!

If you’re running, and you begin feeling a sharp pain at the side of your knee that travels around to underneath your kneecap, stop. More than likely, your iliotibial band (IT band) is very tight and needs to be stretched and worked on.

If you’re doing squats, and the front of one of your hips feels strained and touchy, stop. Your knees are probably jutting too far forward when you go down, thus putting more strain on one of your hip flexors. Drop weight and work on your form until it is perfect. THEN, add weight once your form is corrected.

If sitting down for too long makes your back stiff, or even causes pain, then stop. Stand up, stretch, and/or get a standing desk to work at.

If you get frustrated at little things, even angry, stop. Step back, stop pointing the finger, and look at yourself. Chances are that you’re in some kind of emotional pain. Get some help, read some books, listen to podcasts, find a therapist, just do something.

Idleness is a long, slow road to death, but movement is life. So move!


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