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The Mastermind Behind the Masterpiece: What is Innate Intelligence?

Everything in life requires organization in order to exist. From the smallest atom to the tiniest amoeba to the sprouting plant bud to the enormous blue whale, everything has a certain structure and function necessary to survive.

Lets use a picnic to illustrate this concept. Say you decided to go to the park to have a picnic. You get in your car, drive to the park, and walk up to the picnic tables fully expecting your friends, family, and a lot of food to be there. Instead, the picnic tables are completely barren. You are alone without a trace of food.

You expected a picnic. What happened?

There was no organization. What you needed to do was call your family and friends, organize the picnic for noon Saturday at the local park, delegate someone to bring sandwiches, someone else to bring potato salad, another person to bring the chips and dip, etc. Organizing the picnic will fulfill your expectations of company and food when you arrive at the park Saturday at noon.

Your body also has an organization to it. In fact, the human body has the most perfect organization in history. However, the human body didn’t simply organize itself. If it didn’t happen with the picnic, it certainly won’t happen with something as complex as the human body.

This is where innate intelligence enters the equation. Innate intelligence is what began organizing your body once that sperm fertilized the egg. It is a perfect design.

Innate intelligence is what created your heart cells, organized them into the heart, and placed it just left of center in your chest. And your lungs on either side of the heart. And your esophagus in the center of the chest cavity. And a perfectly designed rib cage to protect those vital organs from damage.

Next, to stabilize that rib cage, is a series of ligaments, tendons, and muscles over, under, and in-between each rib. Intricately woven through the muscle fibers that stabilize the rib cage are various intercostal nerves. And to cover it all up, protecting everything from the harsh realities of the outside environment, is a layer of skin. 

Could any of us design these precisely placed structures better than our innate intelligence? I know I couldn’t.

Innate intelligence is what makes our heart beat approximately 60-80 beats per minute. It is what makes our lungs take 12-16 breaths each minute. It makes our esophagus move chewed food down into our stomachs. Innate intelligence is what causes your metabolism to burn off excess fat that it has no use for when you exercise. Innate intelligence is what makes my children’s baby teeth fall out to make room for their emerging adult teeth.

All these functions occur without us having an awareness they are even occurring. Could you remember to make your body do all those tasks every second of every minute of every hour of every day? Of course not. And these few functions are the tip of a gigantic iceberg of functions we can’t even begin to fathom.

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