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iHunch aka Forward Head Posture

iHunch is the newest nickname for forward head posture aka iPosture, poking chin posture, wearsie neck, computer neck, text neck, and dowager’s hump.

This follows up on the last post where I talked about being in flexion for too long. By flexion I mean sitting, hunched forward, with the shoulders rolled forward, and the head drooped and chin jutting forth. Essentially, forward head posture. Or iHunch.

Unfortunately, this is life for most people nowadays. We’re all guilty of this posture at some point in our life.

In a perfect world, our cervical spine (the neck region) has a natural C-shaped, backward curve of approximately 43 degrees. This is called lordosis. Our lumbar spine, or low back, is another region of the spine where you will find lordosis.

The problem arises when you are in iHunch posture for 8-12 hours a day, 5-7 days a week, for years and years, or even decades. The lordosis in your neck will diminish, straighten, and, given enough time (like years and years), your neck will develop a reverse curve.

This reverse curve is called kyphosis. Kyphosis is normal, and even essential, in your thoracic spine (your mid- to upper back all the way up to the base of your neck). But definitely not in the cervical spine.

When patients ask me how to correct this posture, it sometimes becomes akin to the chicken and the egg. Did the poor posture arise from misalignments in the spine (which can first occur at birth), or did the misalignments in the spine come about from years of poor posture (sitting, staring at a computer, or scrolling and texting on a smart phone for hours and hours everyday for years and years)?

Either way, beyond the chiropractic part, I can’t sit back in your chair and extend your arms, back, and neck for you. I can’t stand up and walk around and stretch your legs for you. I can’t do posture improving stretches and exercises like yoga or pilates for you.

But YOU can! You can move around, stretch, and put the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy down so you can look up and enjoy the world around you!

And if you do that and you still feel discomfort, aches, and/or pains, and you live in Maricopa, I can help you!

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