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Instant Gratification + Your Health = Bad Health

Get rich quick.

0% down, 100% financing.

Lose 10 lbs in one weekend.

Take a painkiller to dull that pain.

Gain 20 lbs of muscle in one month.

Get a gastric bypass to lose 100 lbs in four months.

Get a liposuction with your c-section like all the movie stars.

Our society is all about instant gratification. What’s in it for me and how fast can I get it? From wealth to health, everyone is looking for that magic elixir to help them emulate the richest, best looking people in society. Who cares about the cost when you can look good, feel good, and buy goods now?

In the 10 years between graduating from chiropractic school and opening a practice here in Maricopa, I have learned first hand there is no easy road to success. It is only through endurance, persistence, focus, hard work, and faith that success will answer my call.

Health is no different. When people come into my office, they are hurting and miserable. Their health has progressively gotten worse over the years and chiropractic is their last hope. 

But chiropractic is not a one-time cure-all. Some people come to my office expecting exactly that after years of not taking care of their spines or their bodies. I can only tell them to stick with it and that their bodies can and will heal, but healing never comes in the form of instant gratification.

It takes time.

One patient in particular was having some difficult symptoms that came up after experiencing a good first few weeks of care in my office. We talked, I encouraged him to stay the course, and he did. His reward was worth it. He is now feeling fantastic, and the change is apparent in his cheerful demeanor.

Optimal health is not an overnight thing. And it doesn’t come in a pill. That is instant gratification and it never works.

Health begins with a mindset, a determination to get better, to have more, and a willingness to see it through. Taking it on the chin in the beginning can reap great results later. But it takes someone with some guts and willingness to tolerate some pain and discomfort.

Nothing worth having in life is easy; not being successful, not being financially sound, not having a great marriage and family, and not being healthy. If it was, everyone in our country would have a six-figure job, our country wouldn’t be so divided and trillions in debt, divorce and emotional abuse wouldn’t exist, and our country would use 0% of the world’s prescription drugs instead of the 80% it currently uses.

To quote Winston Churchill, “Never, never, never, never give up.” Because if you take the easy way out, you will face the consequences later. It’s happened to me before, and it’s probably happened to you, too.

With our health, those are consequences you and I don’t want to gamble with.

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