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Ignore the Fitness Industry and Diet Culture

Whenever someone talks to me about needing to get back in shape, or simply get into shape for the first time, I give them very simple advice:

Do something you enjoy for just 20 minutes at a time, 3 times a week.

That’s it.

It could be #walking, #swimming, #yoga, #pilates, #strength training, #crossfit, #dancing, #drumming, playing #tag with the kids, #stretching, or playing #thrash metal on the guitar (oh wait, that last one is for me🤘🏻).

The #fitness industry is full of snake oil salesmen and women who will tell you that you need 3-5 days a week of intense #bodybuilding style #weight training, 2-5 days of #HIITtraining, 5-7 days of #cardio, 6-8 small #keto / #paleo / #low carb / #fat free / #gluten free / #grain free meals a day, and 1-3 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight to he healthy and happy and rich and famous and envied by all, and if you don’t do these things you are a lazy piece of crap who won’t amount to anything in life and will be cast out of all walks of life as a pariah.

But I’m not overdramatic or anything like that.

All of that incessant fitness and #diet culture is incorrect, overdramatic, and rooted in expensive B.S. disguised as beautiful, inspirational, rose-scented #health and #wellness.

Keep it simple. The main thing is that you do SOMETHING to get your blood flowing and the heart rate elevated in a healthy manner.

Moral of the story?

Just have fun with it!

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