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Signs of a Power Outage

Now that the power has returned to all of our homes and businesses here in Maricopa, everything can return to normal.


…you are having symptoms such as numbness, tingling, pain shooting down an arm or a leg, headaches, constipation, or foot pain.

These are signs that there is a power outage, so to speak, somewhere between your brain and your body.

When we get misalignments in our spine, this places pressure, directly or indirectly, on our nerves.

It’s the same principle as placing your foot on a garden hose to impede the flow of water.

Instead of water, think of it as signals and messages from your nervous system to the rest of your body.

Pressure on one or more nerves is going to disrupt or impede the flow of communication between your brain and your body.

How do you get the pressure off those nerves?

Chiropractic, of course!

If you are struggling with one or more of the symptoms I mentioned above, contact me here to make an appointment.

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