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The Principle of Time & Your Spine

A relatively common concern people have when going to a chiropractor is that if they go once, they will need to keep going.

This is how I look at it…

If you want get in amazing physical shape, you don’t do just 1 full body workout, followed by just 1 hour of cardio, followed by just 1 full day of eating well and expect to look like a svelte, athletic, fitness model. You eat well, exercise well, sleep well, and do whatever else you need to do well for months, years, or even decades.

The same goes for concert pianists, or Grammy award winning vocalists, or powerlifters, or authors, or lead guitarists, or doctors. Everything worth having or being good at in life takes dedication and consistency.

The health of your spine is no different. If you’ve had misalignments causing imbalance to your spine (and overall posture!) for years, chiropractic is not a one and done sort of thing.

It takes time for the spine to adapt to the new, correct positioning of the vertebrae following an adjustment. Ligaments and tendons and muscles will eventually regain their proper tension and positioning, AND much faster than they found their improper positioning and tension.

And as chiropractic principle No. 6 states, there is no process that does not require time.

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