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Regarding 40+ Year-Olds’ New Year’s Resolutions

It’s never too late to improve our health by getting in shape.

However, the body tends to protest getting in shape the older we become. This has become very apparent to me since turning 40 last year.

The legendary Jack LaLanne scoffed at the idea of warming up in the gym, further explaining that you don’t get time to warm up when a tiger is chasing you.

Now, I would agree to an extent, but I have developed a warm-up routine of my own at the gym to combat the chilly draft from factory-sized ceiling fans spinning at mach 3. It’s either that or the track suit, and I don’t like track suits at all. So, warming up it is.

I don’t wear tube socks, and I haven’t since I was a child, but retro is in these days. Coupled with the fact that I’m seeing more and more 40+ year-olds wearing tube socks, and they make the cut on this meme.

Epsom salt is truly one of the greatest things you can do for muscle soreness, besides sleeping and eating enough. I say this from personal experience. The more you use, and the longer you soak in it, the better you will feel.

Ace bandages make the cut because, well, sometimes if the ego takes control, proper form goes by the wayside in the gym. To avoid the need for Ace bandages, use weight that is light enough to maintain proper form during each exercise.

And of course, when the aforementioned ideas don’t protect you from the aches and pains of age mixed with exercise, chiropractic will help you feel your optimal best.

So, what I intended to be a simple watermark on this meme is the fifth item you’ll want to jot down if you live in Maricopa.

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