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How Chiropractic Strengthens the Immune System

The brain stem controls all vital organ function in the body i.e. respiration, blood pressure, pulse, etc. A misalignment of the C1 vertebra, or atlas, by even the smallest degree can put unwanted pressure on the brain stem and completely alter and/or interrupt information sent to different parts of the body. This in turn will interrupt the body’s homeostasis and cause other organs to work harder than they should.

Because of this, the body gets thrown into a sustained fight-or-flight mode and it eventually wears down sooner than usual. When this happens, the body’s immune system wears down and it becomes susceptible to external factors such as a virus, bacteria, germs, etc.

In 1994, Life University conducted a study at the Sid Williams Research Center using HIV patients. There were two groups of people in this study: Those that received Grostic upper cervical chiropractic care for six months, and those who did not.

Those that did found a 48% spike in their CD4 cell counts. CD4 cells are white blood cells used by the body’s immune system. They were monitored by an independent medical center where each patient was under medical supervision.

The group who received no upper cervical chiropractic care actually experienced a 7.96% drop in their CD4 cell counts during that six month period.

While there is no way to prove all the different changes and improvements a body makes after an upper cervical adjustment, one thing is clear: Sick people get well under upper cervical chiropractic care.

Removing nervous system interference allows the body to return to its normal homeostasis, giving the immune system the ability to defend itself effectively.

(Featured image above courtesy of Cathy Britton Photography.)

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