More Ease, Less Discomfort

A pet peeve of mine is when patients tell me they saw their family doctor, or orthopedist, or whichever type of doctor they got done seeing, and they were told that they “can never exercise again”… or that they “have to give up the violin”… or that they “have to give up golf”… or that they can’t do whatever it is they love to do because of whatever condition it is interrupting their quality of life.

If someone told me I had to give up playing the guitar or working out the way I like to, I wouldn’t hesitate to fire that doctor and find a new one who will help me do the things I like to do in my life.

And that is one of my goals with everyone who walks through the Harshē Chiropractic door: help you do the things you like to do with a lot more ease and a lot less discomfort.

My response will never be to give up a hobby or a passion or a career. I’m one of those people who knows anything is possible.

Helping that patient play the violin again was exciting.

Helping people feel better so they can run or lift weights the way they like to never gets old.

And hearing about someone’s golf game improving without the accompanying pain is always fantastic news!

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