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Today, Be Still

“Today, be still.”

If the stress of life, of kids, of parents, of work, or of finances is consuming your day and heightening anxious and/or depressed thoughts, being still in meditation is what your mind, body, and soul need.

Simply take 5-10 minutes to yourself, either in the bedroom with door locked or out on the patio by yourself, and focus on the words “today, be still.” You can shut your eyes or keep them open—whichever works for you.

Repeat the phrase “today, be still.” Repeat in your mind until you feel your mind and body in the midst of that stillness. Take deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Continue repeating “today, be still” in your mind.

What will happen is you will become more and more still. The stillness will calm your mind. Your calm mind will calm your body. With a calm mind and body, things begin to roll off and become less important, less stressful, and your ability to reason out the situation will heighten immensely.

We’ve all been there. Hopefully this can and will add something positive and helpful to your day.

Today, be still. 

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