Health & Vitality Whether They Like It Or Not!

I grew up a very sick kid.

Chronic bronchitis, asthma, and horrid allergies to name a few.

My mom constantly fed me this asthma medication, and that allergy shot and flu shot, and this steroid, and that inhaler or breathing treatment, and this Robitussin MD and Dimetapp, and the list literally goes on and on and on…

It wasn’t until I told my mom at age 15 that I was formally and officially refusing and rejecting all forms of medicine that I finally stopped being a sick kid.

I even miraculously outgrew my “asthma” in a matter of months.

Being a chiropractor and raising a chiropractic minded family with my wife January, it probably comes as no surprise that we have raised our kids to be much healthier than I was, or even January was for that matter.

As a result, none of our 6 kids have needed a single round of antibiotics in 16 years.

With that comes explanations to the kids about the body, chiropractic, food, the mind, and everything else related to good health and vitality whether they like it or not.

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