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Do You Sleep On Your Stomach?

If you do, chances are you wake up in the morning with a stiff and/or painful neck.

Think about it this way…

Sit in a chair and turn your head to the left or the right.

Now, stay in that seated position with your head turned left or right for 5-8 hours without moving.

You will probably agree that this would become pretty uncomfortable after a while, let alone hours at a time.

Sleeping on your stomach can, does, and will shift the vertebrae in your neck into misalignment.

This will cause stress, tension, and/or pressure to the nerves that exit the spinal column.

Stress, tension, and/or pressure to the nerves will interrupt the communication between your brain and body, inevitably leading to pain, stiffness, numbness, tingling, tension headaches, or migraines.

If you’re at this point and you live in Maricopa, contact me here to see how chiropractic can help you.

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