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Some Thoughts on the Power of Meditation

Meditation is a huge part of my life. I have overcome a number of mental, emotional, physical, and financial challenges through the power of meditation. It’s a way for me to calm down the noise of the world, to be no body, no thing, nowhere, in no time and in no place, except for in my mind where I can go deep inward and be at peace and/or create in a place no one else in the world has access to. I don’t take any medications of any kind… For me, meditation IS my medication.

I liken meditation to the “start” button on the original Nintendo controller. The power is on, the video game is clearly on the TV screen, but “start” has clearly been pressed because the game is paused (some games used “select” to pause the game, but I digress). Some games will still play the music while paused. Others will have some kind of movement happening in the background while paused.

Meditation is like the “start” (or “select”) button of life. You’re clearly still thinking. Everything around you still exists in real time. Family members are in other parts of the house. Life continues on. But your mind has been paused.

There is plenty of research to back up the many, many health benefits of meditation. For example, many of you come to see me for adjustments because you’re in pain. But did you know that meditation can reduce your pain sensitivity by up to 65%? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

One of my favorite meditations I have ever done I discovered in the book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Truly a transformational meditation, if that’s what you’re looking for.

If you don’t know where to begin with meditation, I highly suggest an app like Headspace or Calm, or one of the many guided meditations you can find on YouTube. There is no right or wrong way to meditate, but beginning and staying consistent with it could be one of the more important things you do for yourself in this life.

Happy meditating!

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