Feeling Pain & Getting No Answers?

I see many patients who have been to numerous doctors and specialists to find answers for their aches and pains.

They go to their primary doctor and get x-rays. Nothing shows up on x-rays, so they are prescribed muscle relaxers, painkillers, or a round of steroids—none of which work.

When they go back to their primary doctor, they get a referral to a specialist. The specialist wants to do an MRI, but first wants the patient to try physical therapy. The patient does that for a number of weeks with little to no improvement in their symptoms. When they finally do get that MRI, nothing shows up on the imaging.

So here they are, hurting, worried, and not a single answer to alleviate their concerns.

By the time I see patients like this, they are usually at a loss and not sure what to do. I can confidently say this is at least half to two-thirds of all the new patients I see.

As I begin examining their spine and posture, I always notice abnormal posture, which is then explained by numerous spinal and pelvic misalignments, creating pain patterns that match exactly what they are feeling.

After the first adjustment, patients like this often feel improvements to their symptoms, and we can begin a course of care that they will feel comfortable with.

If this sounds familiar, I would highly recommend seeing a chiropractor as soon as possible to correct the misalignments in your spine.

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