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Fun Times at Sherman Lyceum

These photos are from Memorial Day weekend 2010, when I spoke at the Sherman College of Chiropractic Lyceum in Greenville, SC.

When I was in school at Parker University, I started a blog called The Atlas of Life that gained some notoriety in the chiropractic profession. Three months after I graduated, I was asked to speak at the following year’s Lyceum on the topic of blogging and internet marketing for chiropractors.

During that Lyceum weekend, I had the opportunity to meet my chiropractic idol, Dr. Reggie Gold (pictured on the right above). His practice in Spring Valley, NY was once considered the largest practice in the world, where he saw 2,000 people—A WEEK!!! His wife, Irene Gold (seen between me and January), created a renowned board review to help chiropractic students pass their national board exams.

As a student, I listened to countless hours of Dr. Gold’s CDs, and I read anything and everything I could about him or by him. A big part of who I am as a chiropractor is due to Dr. Gold. Needless to say, I was fairly starstruck when I met him. I was blown away the following day when we (January, our four kids at the time, and me) had the opportunity to sit down and eat lunch with them.

Now, when it came to my talk, I was scheduled during another very popular presentation. As a result, I spoke to a very tiny audience—2/3 of that audience comprised of two of my mentors who were there to show me support.

Fun times!

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