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“What else do you do besides chiropractic?”

When your C1 vertebra misaligns (we call this a vertebral subluxation), your head will tilt to one side. Your brain has a righting reflex to keep your eyes level with the horizon. All of the remaining vertebrae in your spine will be in misalignment, along with your shoulders and pelvis, to keep your eyes level with that horizon. On the side of your high hip, that same leg will appear shorter because of that pelvic imbalance.

All of this from the misalignment of one small, donut-shaped, 2 oz bone at the top of your spine!

Restoring proper positioning of the C1 is the first step in balancing the entire body. From there I make sure the rest of the neck, back, and pelvis are all in proper alignment.

Once the spine and body are balanced, tight muscles loosen up, lax muscles regain their proper tension, pressure comes off nerves, and your body’s innate intelligence can begin the healing process.

So yeah, chiropractic is enough!

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