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About the Curve in Your Neck…

The spinal curve in the neck should measure approximately 40-45 degrees, optimally.

When the curve in our neck is less than that, that is a sign of spinal misalignments stemming from a vertebral subluxation at C1 or C2.

If the spinal misalignments are not addressed over time, that cervical spinal curve will continue to reduce, eventually resulting in a reversed cervical curve.

Not good.

When this happens, things like fine touch, sense of vibration, and proprioception (sense of position) are all threatened, dampened, and eventually gone altogether.

As you can see on the MRIs by clicking here, a subluxation at C1 (or C2), can actually cause pressure on the spinal cord itself!

So, how can we avoid a reverse curve in our own cervical spine?

Well, chiropractic of course, but that goes without saying.

Additionally, change your desk setup so that your desktop or laptop screen is at eye level, and elbows, hips, and knees are all 90 degrees.

If you have an office job, take a break to stand up and stretch every 30-45 minutes. If you are allowed to bring in a desk that can alternate between a sitting and a standing desk, that will help as long as you remember to keep the computer screen at eye level.

Working at a standing desk with your chin to your chest while you stare down at a laptop screen for hours at a time (aka iHunch) defeats one of the purposes of standing.

Not staring down at our phone to read posts like this or to play games helps is important to keep in mind (again, iHunch).

And yoga or pilates are phenomenal for spinal health, too. Both forms of exercise increase our flexibility and tone, as well as strengthen our ever-important core. This will add stability to the spine, from the top of your cervical spine all the way down to your pelvis.

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