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Pills, Potions, & Lotions Won’t Align a Misaligned Spine!

When the C1 and/or C2 vertebrae misalign, this is called a vertebral subluxation.

You want to avoid a subluxation as much as possible, considering just about every single nerve in your entire body passes through the C1. This is certainly the last place you want a misalignment in your spine!

But what causes a subluxation?

Physical trauma like birth, learning to walk and falling several thousand times before the age of 4, sports injuries, car accidents, etc.

Or maybe a diet full of fat, sugar, neurotoxins, additives, preservatives, and ingredients only a PhD level chemist can pronounce.

Or maybe it’s caused by emotional stress like financial difficulties, family drama, anxiety, or depression.

Or maybe sleep deprivation.

Or maybe having a house full of loud children with all of their endless questions like January and I do

The point is that a vertebral subluxation of C1 or C2 can occur for any number of reasons, and none of them very good.

Which means getting checked by a chiropractor on a regular basis only makes sense to avoid the long term implications a subluxation can pose for you down the road.

And no, there doesn’t exist a pill, potion, or lotion that can restore a misaligned vertebra the way a specific chiropractic adjustment can.

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